Board Directors are at the heart of any business. They provide the direction and oversight that CEOs need to run their companies effectively for their stakeholders. It’s a great honor and for those who desire to make a difference, it could be one of the most rewarding experiences in their professional lives. It stretches your leadership skills, forces you to get out of your comfort zone, and permits you to establish very close friendships with other board members. It also reveals weaknesses that you did not know existed and teaches you how to address these weaknesses.

While the perks of sitting on a board are numerous but there are some major challenges that almost every board has to deal with at some time. This article will examine five of the most frequent challenges that Boards encounter and the ways they can overcome them.

1. New Non-Exec Directors

It is crucial that directors who are not executive directors joining an executive board for the first time, prepare themselves well. In the past the new board members were onboarded by giving them an assortment of reading materials with all the information they needed to be aware of the board and the company.

However, because companies are changing rapidly and many non-exec directors have a very diverse backstory it is crucial to interact with them on a personal basis. This can be done with calls or video chat, a personalized LinkedIn message or even better, face-to-face. This will help them understand how they can add value from their first board meeting, and also establish connections with other directors.

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