VPN services provide an additional layer of security, encrypting your entire online activity. While antivirus software is vital for security and can stop malware attacks, VPNs provide another layer of security by encryption of all your online activities. This makes it harder for hackers to track your browsing activity and even your location. This is an enormous benefit in an age when data breaches and privacy are extremely rare. Because of this, many antivirus suites come with an integrated VPN service, which provides the best of both worlds.

When choosing the best antiviruses with vpn, make sure you select a product with the highest level of malware detection, as well additional security features like an sandbox, a custom firewall and ad tracker blocker. Also, think about the speed of the VPN service, as well as its vast server network. A fast VPN will ensure seamless browsing and streaming and a massive network will reduce server overloads that can slow your connection. Also, look for extra security features like split-tunneling, which allows you choose which applications’ traffic is routed through the VPN. A kill switch is also a way to prevent data loss.

Avira’s security suite includes a fast and reliable VPN that is packed with security features. Its malware scanners have nailed 100% of threats during independent tests, while other security features like password management, PC cloud backup and parental controls are worth the price. It also has a sandbox that allows you to safely test suspicious files. Dark web monitoring is also part of the package that searches for your personal information online and alerts you when it’s leaking.


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