Silent Mode in Avast can improve your gaming experience by eliminating annoying alerts and notifications. This article will show you how to enable silent mode on avast and get the most out of it when gaming.

Avast provides more than antivirus security. Avast is now a preferred option for gamers. However, some games could slow down your PC or even interrupt your gaming. Avast’s “Silent Gaming Mode” disables all notifications and alerts while you play. This makes it easier to concentrate on playing the game and not worry about your computer’s performance.

It is important to know that while this mode is enabled All antivirus protection features are active. This includes a virus scanner and a threat detection scanner and a variety of other advanced features. If you’re worried about these features affecting the performance of your computer, you can disable them prior to launching Silent Gaming Mode.

It is important to make sure your computer meets Avast’s system requirements. This means you’ll need at minimum a Pentium III processor, 20GB of free space, and an i.e. 512MB of RAM.

Click on the “Notifications tab” in the Avast settings once you have satisfied the minimum system requirements. You’ll need to select the box at the top of this menu that says “Don’t display any pop-ups, alerts, or messages (Silent gaming mode)” to activate this mode.

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