Businesses generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That’s why it’s imperative that they manage these precious bytes with precision and accuracy so that they can be utilized to increase productivity and enhance customer experience. To achieve this they must have the right tools.

What data management tool should they select from the numerous options available? It’s essential to determine your goals for business, as well as the kind of data you’ll need to handle. Also, consider whether you want to store your data on premises or in the cloud. Also, you should look for solutions that can handle a variety of data management functions from metadata to data analysis and integration.

Our top choice is Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a central solution for managing critical master data and supports automated workflows to ensure that data is consistent throughout your company. It also provides high availability and disaster recovery options for data security and protection. Its seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies allows users to access the information they require, whenever they require it.

Enteros’ proprietary database performance platform SaaS is a different option. It determines the root cause of complex issues with database scalability and performance issues that affect businesses. It analyzes databases to suggest the best solutions. Additionally, it offers best-in-class usage governance that helps brands use data more responsibly and in a more transparent way with consumers.

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