Effective board meetings require an organized method of managing meetings which ensures that you get the most of each hour allotted for your gathering. This means staying on the right track by avoiding rabbit trails and other unnecessary detours and repeating agenda goals when necessary. It also means having a clear timekeeper who keeps the agenda on track and an individual who is assigned to take detailed minutes so that everyone is able to review them later on.

Distribute all relevant materials and agendas in advance so that participants are able to prepare. This will ensure that meetings on track and allow discussions to begin when everyone is up to speed on the relevant topics.

Reduce the time spent on routine tasks and reports, which tends to slow conversations and make attendees bored and disengaged. Concentrate on the most important topics and strategic issues that will aid in the progress of the company.

Identify trends within your routine reports and convert them into tasks that the board can tackle during the meeting. This is an excellent way to inspire your board members to address problems, instead of just responding to a report.

Give your board members an opportunity to share their ideas and ideas during the meeting. This will make them feel appreciated and heard. It could be a catalyst for the development of ideas that might otherwise be overlooked.

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