The security of board management is vital to allow directors to effectively fulfill the objectives of their organizations. Utilizing a cloud-based portal for board meetings lets companies centrally store and share sensitive information, without the risk of using outdated sharing methods such as email. Directors can access documents safely and easily from any device, be it prior or following the meeting.

With a dedicated board software, one platform can be used by all board members to collaborate on company documents and carry out meetings. Information is accessible and searchable at any time from any device with the help of a powerful search feature. Directors can stay informed about board matters while on the move.

Board portals are configurable to provide granular control over document and folder permissions, and also an audit trail to track every activity. They can be secured with data encryption both in transit and in the rest of the device, remote wipe of lost devices as well as a robust business continuity plan and uptime assurance. They should also provide 24/7 support from knowledgeable, in-house staff and have robust security procedures, including regular third party penetration testing, for example, a SOC 2 report and ISO 27001 certification.

Search for a board portal which provides a single system for managing all your board’s tasks – not just meetings as well as research and support, such as deadlines and briefing reports. This will allow all of your crucial tasks to be managed from one place and eliminates the need for email exchanges between report writers, board secretaries, and the security risks of sending confidential documents via email.

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