Virtual data rooms provide a convenient and secure method to collaborate on business transactions, be it an M&A, an IPO, sharing confidential documents with clients or partners or even auditing a company’s practices. However there are many differences between the VDRs. Not all VDRs are created equal and certain ones may not meet your requirements. It is therefore important to choose a provider who is flexible, secure and efficient.

The top online data rooms allow access to all hours of the day for authorized users, which means that you can exchange sensitive information at any time. These platforms are also globally accessible, making it possible for investors to be part of due diligence or negotiations without having travel. Online document storage and collaboration can also lower the chance that valuable intellectual property could be lost due to natural disasters, or other unexpected circumstances.

One of the most robust VDRs is Nimbus Platform, which features banks-grade 128-bit SSL encryption, continuous server-side backups, and a myriad of user-security measures such as mobile passcodes, one-click NDAs and dynamic watermarking. It also comes with powerful tools for managing projects and workflows, including a board/shareholders meeting scheduler, eSignature capabilities, and intelligent insights.

CapLinked is another great option. It provides the same features as VDRs, but with enhanced security features, including document-level authorizations, and in-browser edits. Additionally, the platform offers support 24 hours a day, device agnostic software syncing, as well as advanced APIs for seamless integration into your work. iDeals Virtual Data Room Software is a different option that provides a unique combination of efficiency, ease and security that will reduce the burden of due diligence and contract management. The online dataroom provides a centralized interface to interact with various parties. It can be set up within minutes.

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