The field of machine learning and data science is rapidly changing. The analytics use-cases which will bring the greatest value to your business in the near term might not exist yet. It’s therefore important to invest in a sophisticated data platform that will evolve to meet your ever-changing needs.

The rise of new business opportunities requires swift access to accurate information. Unified data solutions help your business to examine the massive amounts of raw operational data and historical data it collects every day. This data can be gathered from a variety software platforms, including data warehouses on premises and cloud data lakes, IoT, text files videos, audio social media, and many more.

A unified data platform enables employees to swiftly and easily get the data they require to address issues of critical importance to improve cybersecurity, as well as plan for the future. A democratized data approach allows users from various lines (marketing, HR, accounting, and more) to analyze the data on their own and discover insights that can help them drive innovation in their respective domains.

A unified data system should include features that are ready to use, such as the ability to blend, clean, prepare, and transform data into information that can be used to analyze and report. It should also integrate seamlessly with your BI platform to streamline data movement and reduce the need for manual labor. These features, when coupled with a multicluster shared architecture for data as well as low-latency write and query optimizers can help you gain actionable insights and increase the growth of your business.

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