Avast is one of the most popular computer security software providers. It is renowned for its high detection rates and has been named among the top antimalware programs in independent tests. The company was founded in 1988 and has been in operation since then, and has grown to include a wide array of antivirus software as in addition to a variety of other tools for protecting your computer.

One of the features available with the latest version of Avast is Do Not Disturb Mode A feature that will block notifications when you’re using applications with full screen. The Do Not Disturb Mode is available in the Performance tab of the Avast main screen. It is possible to enable or disable it by checking the boxes.

When Do Not Disturb Mode is active When Do Not Disturb Mode is active, all Windows and Avast notifications will be blocked when you’re using any application in full screen. Any new app you open in full screen will automatically be added to the list of apps to block notifications for. You can also turn on Do Not Disturb Mode which will disable notifications for the apps that you select.

This feature is particularly useful for coders and hackers working in a digital environment. It lets them focus on their work, without being distracted by Avast notifications or other applications. It also allows them to http://avastforwindows.co/avast-vpn-vs-nordvpn/ confirm quarantined files, without being interrupted by a pop-up alert or pop-up. Click the Gaming icon in the plan tray to enable the Do Not disturb Mode feature. You can also manually enter the mode by clicking the “Silent/Gaming Mode’ button in the main Avast window.

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